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We’re not storm chasers, or some big corporate conglomerate. We’re a small, local, family run business who takes pride in our Colorado heritage and serving the people of Security-Widefield. Most of our work is referrals off the jobs we’ve done in the past 12 years in the area.

Security-Widefield, CO Roof ReplacementWhether your roof is just old, or you have a storm damage insurance claim, it’s important to go with a company who understands the importance of replacing your entire roofing system the right way. We may not be the cheapest, but our customers think we’re the roofers in Security-Widefield.Security-Widefield, CO Roof RepairSometimes something happens to part of your roof when it’s otherwise in great shape. This is when a roof repair might be all you need. We can assess the damage and determine if the damage can just be repaired.Security-Widefield, CO New Roof InstallationWe handle the entire process of roof replacement, from coordination, material selection and purchase, and installation, all according to the latest safety and building code requirements from Pikes Peak Regional Building Department. You can have peace of mind that we will take care of your job from start to finish. Free Roof Inspection in Security-Widefield, COBefore you determine what is needed, have us out for a free roof inspection. We’ll let you know the condition of your roof, if you have any damages that might be covered by your insurance, and walk you through the entire process. We have done this for thousands of Security-Widefield roofs.Click Here
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Do you think you might have storm damage to your roof?

Roof damage can come from cracked seals and flashing, wind damaged shingles, hail damage, or something like a tree falling on your roof. Whatever the situation, L&N can assess the damage, mitigate with tarps or other methods to meet insurance requirements (insurance pays for this), and get you on the path to fixing the issue. From assessing damage and meeting your adjuster, to the final supplement and completion certificate, we can help you through every step of the way.

Security-Widefield, CO Hail Damage Roof RepairHail causes damage that ranges from overall granule loss, bruises, cracks, holes in shingles, to extreme hail that can go through your roof deck. Even when it’s not obvious, we have experience to spot and document hail damage if it exists. And we can meet your adjuster to make sure they see it too. You may not have holes yet, but hail causes degredation that eventually can lead to leaks. Security-Widefield, CO Wind Damage Roof RepairThe high winds we sometimes get can rip shingles, flashings, and accessories off a roof. If you see a piece of flashing missing or pulled away, or find shingles in your yard after a storm, that’s a telltale sign of wind damage. Call us and we’ll see if it’s something minor or something bigger.Security-Widefield, CO Winter Damage RepairYou might not see the damage, but the cold, snow, and ice can take its toll on a roof. It’s not until recently that code requires a membrane to prevent ice dams above 7,000 feet. And ice at the edge of your roof stuck on the gutter can cause water to back up under the shingles too. If you suspect winter damage, or just want a health check of your roof, call us. We’ll be happy to come have a look for you.Free Roof Inspection in Security-Widefield, COWhatever the situation, a free roof inspection is how you start to assess the health of your roof. The call and visit is free. Hail and winter ice damage can be difficult even for a trained eye to spot, so call us up and we’ll have a look. Click Here
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L&N Construction can handle your Security-Widefield roofing needs.

If it’s time for a new roof, or you think your roof has damaged, or a tree fell through your roof, there’s no need to worry. Just message, call us, or fill out the contact form. We’ve seen it before, and we can fix it. We climb on roofs for a living, and can check and restore your roof.

More about Security-Widefield, Colorado

Security-Widefield, Colorado, is a census-designated place (CDP) situated in El Paso County and is an integral part of the Colorado Springs, CO Metropolitan Statistical Area. As per the 2020 United States Census, Security-Widefield has shown a notable population growth, reflecting the general expansion trend seen across El Paso County. This community plays a vital role in the area, adding to its dynamic and diverse character.

Located in close proximity to Colorado Springs, Security-Widefield offers residents a blend of suburban living with the convenience of urban amenities nearby. Known for its pleasant residential areas and community parks, the area provides a comfortable living environment with access to recreational and lifestyle opportunities. Its strategic location within the Front Range Urban Corridor makes it appealing for residents who seek a balance of suburban tranquility and the advantages of city life. Security-Widefield’s closeness to natural landmarks and Colorado Springs ensures a blend of natural beauty and urban accessibility, ideal for families and individuals alike.

Things To Do In and Near Security-Widefield

  1. 4th Infantry Division Museum: Offers insights into the history of the 4th Infantry Division. For more information, visit their website.

  2. World Arena: A multipurpose arena hosting a variety of events and activities.

  3. Cosmo’s Magic Theater: Enjoy magical performances in a unique and enchanting setting. Website

  4. Fountain Creek Nature Center: A place to explore nature and wildlife areas, complete with hiking trails. Website

  5. The Springs Marketplace: A convenient shopping area within the airport.

  6. Quail Lake Park: Features nature and wildlife areas, offering a variety of outdoor activities.

  7. The Broadmoor Golf Courses: Premier golf courses for golfing enthusiasts. Website

  8. Expanding Minds Unlimited – The Colorado Springs Children’s Museum: An interactive museum with educational exhibits for children. Website

  9. Wildflower Park: A serene park ideal for enjoying the outdoors.

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