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Be prepared for any weather.

Colorado Springs and the Front Range has got vast extremes in weather. The temperature fluctations are constantly expanding and contracting the materials on your roof. The hailstorms pummel the area incessantly. L&N Construction has years of experience dealing with the issues that this weather causes with roofs, and we’re here to solve yours. Whether you have an insurance claim or just need a new roof, we’ll install one that lasts. Contact us today!

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We are the perfect solution to all your roofing problems

Whatever the issue, we’ve seen it, and we can fix it. Let us come out and give you a free roof evaluation. We’ll get your roof back into top shape. And we guarantee our work

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Most of our business is actually from referrals. We only set up this site at the recommendation of one of our happy customers!


The owner has been in the roofing business for 25 years, in the Colorado Springs area. We’re not going anywhere.

Licensed and Insured

Watch out for some of the discount roofers. We’re insured, so if something happens, it’s not on your insurance. Those other guys? Well, do you feel lucky?

Stop worrying and reach out to our trusted roofing professionals.

We use only the top roofing materials, and hire proven and trusted crews. We’re not the cheapest, but in roofing, you absolutely get what you pay for. Can you go up and check the quality of the roof installation of those discount roofers? We can, and do. And we back our work with a guarantee. For your insurance claim, it should be almost completely paid by insurance, except for your deductible and any upgrades you want. Why not make sure you get a quality roof for your money? We guarantee that’s what you get with us.

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