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Are you afraid to file an roof damage insurance claim? 

Don’t be! We specialize in insurance work. While some Colorado Springs roofing companies might want to grab the easy money and do a quick patch, we understand that your roof is a system of components that work together to keep your home dry. That’s why we’ve helped over 2,000 Colorado Springs homeowners get a high quality shingle roof for nearly free! If your roof is covered for hail or wind damage, most policies will pay for a full replacement, and it won’t affect your rates. Call us or fill out the form today, so we can get you scheduled for a free estimate. 

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Roofing Services in Colorado Springs

Hail damage roof replacement is most of what we do. With over 100 hail storms in the Colorado Springs area in 2023, there are still a lot of hail damaged shingle roofs out there. 

Chances are, your policy will pay for a nearly free roof – not the cheapest, but a high quality Owens Corning roof built to code by skilled roof installers. That’s exactly what you get with us. So go cheap with those guys advertising ridiculous prices and take your chances, or get a high quality roof fully paid for. 

If you don’t spend the insurance money, the insurance company can ask for it back – they only owe for the cost to repair or replace. Do you feel lucky? Call 2 Chucks N a Truck. Or do you want peace of mind? If so, call us!

Click to learn about our roof installation service, whether new construction or existing roofs that need a full replacement. Find out more or just skip the writeup and call!

Sometimes, especially with newer roofs, you can get away with just a repair to some localized damages. Call us for a free estimate or read more by clicking the title above.

Most of our work is roof replacements, usually for storm damage. Find out more in our roof replacement page, or contact us for a free roof inspection and find out what we can do for you. 

Less common here than hail, but if you found shingles in your yard, or your patio furniture migrated across your yard overnight, you might have wind damage to your shingles or flashing. If you suspect that, give us a call and we’ll have a look. Most insurance policies also cover wind damage to your roof. 

Choosing the wrong Colorado Springs roofing company can cost a lot.

Choosing a roofing contractor shouldn’t be taken lightly. Choose wrong, and you could be getting a lot more than you intended:

  • roofers who are in a hurry to get to the next job
  • leaking roof from poor installation
  • more money out of pocket to pay for repairs
  • having to replace your roof again much sooner than you should
  • validation of the rumors that roofers don’t do good work
poor roof installation

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Hire a Colorado Springs roofing company you can trust

When you work with us, you are hiring a roofer with 25 years experience in the industry. We’ve helped thousands of customers get a new roof in Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas. 

  • Local roofing company owned and operated for over 12 years
  • Licensed and insured
  • Workmanship warranty on all our work
  • Honest assessment of your roof
  • We use Owens Corning products exclusively to ensure our roofs last

A Roof Replacement in Just 3 Steps

meet your advisor
Schedule a Roof Inspection
Fill out the contact form, or message or call 719-888-3330 to arrange a roof inspection. We will find a time that works for you, and can meet your adjuster as well.
leave it to us
Meet Your Roof Advisor
Your advisor will perform an inspection, assess for storm damage if applicable, meet with your insurance adjuster if possible on insurance claims, and answer any questions you may have.
roof ready to go with owens corning shingles
Leave The Rest to Us
Once you sign an agreement, we go to work for you, coordinating everything. You will know exactly what to expect, and have peace of mind knowing you will have a great looking quality roof.
Owens Corning Products

Owens Corning roofing products have a reputation for being the top of the line when it comes to shingle roofs. That’s why we use them exclusively. They might cost us a little bit more, but our goal is to install the best roof we can, not make the most profit we can.

tru definition storm cloud owens corning shingles
  • Exceptional Performance

    Owens Corning roofing productions are widely considered among the best in the roofing industry

  • High Quality Manufacturing

    Starting with patented fiberglass, and a class A fire resistance rating, OC uses high quality materials and processes.

  • Energy-Efficient

    Owens Corning Energy Star rated shingles deflect energy, helping reduce energy bills in the summer.

Stacey Doucette
Stacey Doucette
We used L and N construction for our roof last summer. We were so grateful for how professional and timely the work was accomplished. Lance, the owner, was incredibly informative and patient as we maneuvered through the red tape of insurance . Definitely give 5 stars to L and N construction! I wouldn’t use anyone else for my roofing and repairs!
Debbie Swayne
Debbie Swayne
Did a great job and clean up. Highly recommend this company.
Penny Martin
Penny Martin
Lance and company were outstanding while reroofing my home. Lance was prompt and thorough in his response to my inquiry. I had time issues and he went above and beyond to finish the job within my time frame. He is courteous, friendly, always willing to answer questions and a pleasure to work with! I highly recommend him.
Karl VanWie
Karl VanWie
I highly recommend L&N Construction. We recently had them replace our roof from the several hail storms we had over the summer. They were very responsive and did a very good job letting us know what their schedule was, who would be coming, and what they would be doing. They were great about having us look over their work to see if it was up to our expectations. If there issues, they took care of them immediately. We also had them repair/replace some siding and chimney trim that was very weathered. And finally they painted the entire exterior of our house. I was very impressed with their prep-work and attention to detail. I was also impressed with their painters. I think they did a wonderful job... and to be honest, I don't hand out compliments easily. Bottom line... I think L&N did a GREAT job for us. Lance is great to work with. Highly recommend.
Ellen Witham
Ellen Witham
Lance is very knowledgeable about roofing and insurance! He answered all of my insurance questions and showed up to meet the adjuster when he came to look at the roof. Also, he was very flexible with the scheduling of our installation day. L & N took care of other roofs in my neighborhood and all my neighbors were happy too! I definitely recommend him and his company!!
Awesome work done by Lance and his team. Great communication. They also worked with my insurance and made the process very smooth.
Mike Bartko
Mike Bartko
Lance and his team did a great job. The work they did is holding up great.
Thomas Mattson
Thomas Mattson
L&N is professional and reliable. I would recommend them to all my friends amd family!
Doug Hering
Doug Hering
I've known Lance a long time. He helped me with a fix and flip a while back. He also just replaced roofs on all of my rental homes due to the summer hail storms. He helped all the way through the process and worked well with my insurance company. I highly recommend.

Are We the Right Colorado Springs Roofing Company for You?

It can feel stressful choosing the right roofer. This is especially true when storms come out of nowhere and force you into a decision that can cost as much as a nice used car. 

We have literally helped thousands of others in Colorado Springs work through insurance claims for hail damaged roofs. 

We work with your insurance company to make sure we get paid enough money to give you a quality new roof – one that will give you peace of mind for years to come. 

Some Colorado Springs roofing contractors cut corners on labor, materials, and processes, but they’re the cheapest around. Here’s the thing – when you’ve had your roof replaced, if that roof fails because of poor materials or workmanship, it’s on you to get it fixed. So you can either pay the cheapest guy to do it and roll the dice, or hire us. With us, you get top quality materials and a workmanship guarantee. The amount of your insurance claim is supposed to be whatever you pay for repairs, minus deductible. So why not get the most value you can for your claim settlement?

Schedule an no-obligation appointment to see why thousands of Colorado Springs homeowners have entrusted us as their roofing company.

Get Peace of Mind
Do You Have an Insurance Claim for a Storm Damaged Roof?

If so, regardless of what the initial insurance estimate says, most policies will pay almost the full cost of a new roof. Don’t think of it like “I have to find a contractor for less than this $2500 check!” It’s more like you have a voucher for a new roof, and you just need to find a contractor you trust. 

You’ve been paying premiums for this. For many homeowners, this is their first ever property insurance claim. But it’s not our first. We’ve helped with thousands. We know exactly what to do and can help you through it. In fact, because we are a general contractor, we coordinate the entire process (more on that later). 

One other thing. If you think you have storm damage, but your claim was denied, we may be able to help. We know better than most what damage looks like, and can document it. If they are being difficult, there are additional options we can talk about.

We Coordinate Every Step of Your Roof Replacement

Why hire a general contractor, you might ask? What are the benefits over just buying the shingles and finding a local roofing subcontractor?

Complexity for insurance jobs often includes all of the following: 
  • Interfacing with you, the homeowners,
  • collecting deposit and progress payment money, 
  • being the point of contact for the entire project, 
  • meeting the insurance adjuster when possible, 
  • waiting for an estimate from the carrier, 
  • taking photos and documenting pre-construction condition materials and damage, 
  • financing and paying for materials, 
  • coordinating when and where to park, 
  • coordinating when and where supplies and materials may be delivered, 
  • obtaining roofing supplies and materials that are in extremely short supply in the Colorado Springs region, often requiring us to drive from Pueblo to Denver for sourcing
  • obtaining a building permit from Pikes Peak Regional Building Department, and all the logistics that entails (driving, waiting in line, etc), 
  • managing the project from start to completion including 
  • hiring and coordination of subcontractors, 
  • ensuring they show up on time, 
  • ensuring the work is done to our quality standards for warrantying our work
  • ensuring the work meets PPRBD code standards, 
  • managing any changes or conditions that arise during construction, such as when we find hidden issues like water-damaged plywood, 
  • conforming to OSHA requirements including stabilizing and ensuring a safe work environment, 
  • providing or ensuring liability insurance for roofing laborers – one of the most dangerous and expensive trades to insure, 
  • cleaning up the mess afterwards and protecting kids, pets, landscaping, decks, cars, and personal property, 
  • documenting the progress and completion for the carrier so they will release depreciation money, 
  • sending the completion information to the carrier, 
  • discussing the claim with the homeowner and carrier, and awaiting approvals, 
  • waiting for the claim proceeds to be disbursed to the homeowner (remember, we’re still floating money for the rest of the roofing job, 
  • and then collecting the final money from the insured. 
It’s a lot, but we’ve done it thousands of times. If you hire one of these roof-only, lowest estimate roofers, most of the above tasks will be your responsibility. 
If you choose to do that, we can help with code so you know what is required:
We also have a lot of information on this website about shingle installation, roof flashing, etc. The insurance company will pay us to do all this work though, so why not call us now and let us take care of things for you, courtesy of your insurance claim?

"A well-built roof is the shield that protects our homes and everything we hold dear."


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